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Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Temple Site

Hello folks,

Welcome to the new home of The Temple APA - the UK's longest running comic Amateur Press Associations.

Our most recent social site has given in to the march of capitalism and will become a 'paying members only' site from January 1st, which is why we're all getting the heck out of there (I found the socialgo site awkward to use and contained a number of irritating bugs, so it's actually quite a relief to be moving on).

Rather than start another free social network site only to have that go 'payment only' on our asses after a few years, this blog will act as our base of operations.

I'll be inviting a number of key Temple members to contribute to the blog, which means they can create posts about upcoming projects/comic news/reviews etc (no mature content though, as this site's open to everyone. Save that sort of thing for the Temple Showcases).

If you're a newcomer and wish to contribute comic art/writing to the latest Temple Digital Showcase then leave a comment on the 'Who's Contributing?' post and send your work to Malcolm Kirk (the Temple's Central Mailer) at the Temple email address (to be found at the top left of the site) in the appropriate format before the deadline. If you're unsure of what your contribution should look like, then check out the previous Temple Showcases which are downloadable as free PDF's.

Remember, the Temple is for everyone - amateur and professional alike - as long as you're active (or wish to become active) on the UK comics scene.

Here's to a creative new year!

- Dave Hailwood

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