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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Temple Reviews - Issue 10

I thought I’d resurrect the old Temple tradition of reviewing work that appeared in the latest issue.

So, let’s just start by saying I really enjoyed the brilliant B-Movie style cover which sets up the theme for the issue very nicely. Nice work there, Malcolm!

Paul Eldridge – the Lifeboat strip had some great snappy dialogue, though my favourite of the strips was definitely your collaboration with Chow on Encounter. The 1950’s style of his artwork complemented the B-movie alien encounter perfectly. I liked the straight-faced delivery of the strip, building up nicely to the inevitable punch line.

Malcolm Kirk – the Mag, Scientist strip was most amusing, especially the Knight Rider references. I always enjoy the brightly coloured nature of your strips, and the large quantities of chuckles per page.

Simon Mackie. Interesting piece on the punk movement. I liked the circular nature of the Coffee Club strip, and I could very much sympathise with the aliens in the Findings From Progon strip, as I seem to be encountering more and more ‘I.N.E.P.T’ stats in my day job (by the way, what does the T stand for in INEPT?).

Tim West – Teddy bears’ Picnic was one of my favourites in the Hallowscream anthology, so thanks for reproducing it here. A very well paced strip with well polished and professional art from Glen Ostrander. Although the art on Pirates isn’t quite as polished, Nathaniel Allen certainly has a gift for drawing hideous pulsating sea beasts. Very Cthulu-esque.

Greg Meldrum and David Broughton. A well-polished and thoroughly enjoyable first contribution. The Martillo strip had great artwork; I especially liked the hard edged angular nature of the characters. Very amusing script as well; I enjoyed the complete lack of subtlety that Martillo displays when dealing with his exorcisms (when in doubt, bash it with a sledgehammer). Favourite line? ‘I shall require an open window. And this goat.’

Tony Suleri – another wealth of terrific sketches and previews. I think my favourites were probably the Slum Droid pages; excellent watercolours and a very individual style which sets you apart from the artistic crowd. Nice to see the Technofear, Way Of The Dead and Marren Kane previews too. I’m looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into all those projects now life’s settled down a bit.

In conclusion, a mighty fine issue there chaps! If anyone else fancies reviewing work that appeared in the issue (whether you’re a contributor or not), then feel free to leave comments here.

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  1. Cheers for the kind words, David, happy to hear that Martillo appealed.