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Monday, 8 July 2013

Test Issue of Temple 14 Now Available

A test version of issue fourteen is now available if you right click HERE!

Don't share the link just yet. This is just a test issue to iron out any bugs. Download, read, check for mistakes, and let me know if it's all okay or if something's gone horribly amiss.

Once we know what's what, I'll post the link again in a couple of days time, with any ammendments made, a cover pic and some nice blurby stuff and you can share as much as you want then.



  1. Mal, jolly nice work as always. Although there's not many contributors, there's still a fine body of work inside.

    I thought the Funny Facs pic of yours would've made a nice back cover to round the issue off.

    Haven't noticed any mistakes inside, though if you could add a link to the Spod Kickstarter on the ad I put in that'd be really great (as the kickstarter hadn't begun when I made the ad). The link is as follows:


  2. Shouldn't be a problem. Will do.

  3. Replies
    1. Updated version uploaded. Same link.

    2. Nice one, Mal. Thanks for adding the kickstarter link. Out of curiosity is there meant to be two Funny Faces pics at the back of the issue? I realise they're both different, but it confused me a little (admittedly, this is not a feat that's hard to achieve).

    3. You end up with blank pages on myebook if there isn't an even number of them, (which look a bit more rubbish). It's just there to make up the numbers and I didn't have anything else handy to chuck in.