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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Temple Classic Covers 2

Temple APA Cover 2, by Kyle Kimmons


  1. Folks, I have just written an article about Temple APA on my blog, http://snapshotcrackpop.blogspot.com/ . It's not War and Peace, realy, but it has lots of links to cool temple stuff.

  2. folks, in reference to clickwheel developments. I have just been on the back from the dephs homepage and i cannot download the 3 editions of hallowscream featured in the page at all. Im guessing they were also on clickwheel? maybe worth having a look at that.

    1. I don't think that's related to Clickwheel, I think it's probably to do with Mr. McNasty rearranging stuff on the site and not updating the main page. I'll mention it to him. The links to the issues down the side of the Theatre of Terror blog all seem to work okay.

    2. Yes, indeed. those links work perfectly well on that blog, also that's a very good blog there.