Temple Showcase Deadline

Next Temple Showcase Deadline: EXTENDED 'til 7th November 2014

Please email all comic related submissions to the email address above (with Temple Comic Submission as the subject header). Pages must be a minimum of 1240 pixels wide, at 150dpi (no more than 20 pages per contributor).

If you are unsure of what to send, please see past issues which are downloadable for free from the 'Download Previous Temple Issues' section.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Temple 12 - Who's contributing?

Hi folks, reckon it's probably about time that I posted the deadline for the next Temple issue, so here we go...

If you wish to contribute to the Temple 12 showcase, the deadlines 30th September.

New members are always welcome, as are people who just want to promote their latest small press comic. From what I've seen on the myebook site, some issues have been getting thousands of readers which is good news.

Anyway, if you plan to contribute then please leave a comment here.



  1. Not got any real content to add but could I take up a page for advertising a new UK small press website I've created?

  2. Sounds good, tim. Plug away! And also feel free to mention it here so we can add it to the links.

  3. Cheers Dave.

    The site in question is www.comicsy.co.uk a new small press marketplace which allows comics creators and artists to sell their goodies.

    Gonna be the next big thing in comics (I hope).

    If anyone has anything to sell/promote get over to the site and sign up. Free to use and a great way of finding new comics.

  4. Hi Tim,

    just had a brief look at the site, and it's looking good. It's always good to support the small pressers.

    I'm currently looking into the prospects of making a Temple app (probably just for Android phones/devices to start with, as there's bigger development fees for Macs). One free site that might be enough to get me started is https://www.buzztouch.com/

    Seems to have most of the necessary functions for the sort of thing we're doing (and doesn't require a massive amount of programming knowledge), so it might be worth you checking out that avenue for your Comicsy venture. Apart from Lush comics, which John Freeman pointed me in the direction of, there doesn't seem to be that much in the way of UK small press apps (unless I'm searching in all the wrong places).

    Anyway, feel free to plug the site in the Temple, and any small press comics that are for sale on it.

  5. One quick note for improvement for the Comicsy website Tim, would be to perhaps think about using an easier to read font for the main text, as the current font's quite difficult to read in large chunks (as is evident on this page: http://www.comicsy.co.uk/backfromthedepths/store/products/hallowscream-2011/)

    - Dave

  6. Right, on the contributions front, I've had one from Simon Mackie (which has now gone to Malcolm at the Temple address), and there might possibly also be contributions from Paul Eldridge and Jim Stewart. These are just the people that I've heard from - it's possible that more folk may have contacted Malcolm directly at the Temple address.

    If anyone's still interested in contributing but think they may be a little later than the deadline, just let me or Mal know.

  7. I've just sent my sub off Dave ... a little later than i'd intended but it's still the day of the deadline 'D

  8. You still managed to beat me, Tony. I've just sent my contribution off a few minutes ago.

    I look forward to seeing whatever cybernetic monkey merriment awaits within the issue!