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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Temple Classic Covers 11

Temple classic cover 11 - Artwork (c) John Kirkham.

This issue John Kirkham (or 'Fuz' as he was then known) burst onto the scene with a brilliant, eye catching cover.  He later went on to run the Temple on several occasions, and his flare for design work made him the perfect choice for Assistant Editor on the 100% Biodegradable comic anthology

The cover for this issue proved so popular that it was used again for the Temple's one-off comic anthology 'Small Fish'.


  1. I really like that. it reminds me of something,,,,, does anyone recall a 2000ad story called the VCs? It was a bit like a boys own war story in space. it was rather kooky. it featured a spaceship helm whereby the computer spoke to the crew via a hand puppet protruding from the dash board. it changed apeerances a couple of times but looked a bit like the guy above at one point. hmm. the ocean of the sub concious.

  2. The VC's was one of my favourite strips (though I don't recall the handpuppet thing). John's cover always reminded me a little of The Tick - y'know, if he went mental and strapped a nuclear warhead to his bonce.