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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Temple Classic Covers 13

Temple Classic Covers 13 (c) Darren Taylor

A rather amazing Scottish superhero artist and a jolly nice bloke too!  It was immediately obvious from the quality of Darren's art that he was going to go places, and since leaving the Temple's hallowed halls he has worked for a whole host of professional organisations including Cbeebies, NickJr, Nelvana and Disney UK.  You can see more of his bally marvelous artwork here. 

Incidental Factoid #1.  I once went to visit Darren whilst he was living in Kent, and his then miniature daughter successfully managed to tie my shoelaces together.  To this day, I still haven't figured out how to untie them...


  1. I just recieved a lovely rejection letter from viz comic.

    1. Was it the one that has a picture of a salt and pepper pot on it and states: 'With Condiments'?

    2. no, I wish it were, it was an email. It was a polite no thank you this time but feel free to send something else another time. I was impressed theyd bothered to reply at all. it was ok.

  2. I always find the best rejections are the ones that actually tell you why your work is being rejected, though these are few and far between (especially when it comes to larger publications, as the bigger they are, the more submissions they receive which gives them less time for the personal approach). So, if you still have faith in that particular submission then trawl the internet for another suitable publisher and start the submission process again.

    Good luck with it all!