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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Temple Classic Covers 18

Temple Classic Cover 18 (c) Tim Geeves

Issue 18 was probably the source of the biggest Temple controversy, and came very close to being the last Temple ever. 

You see, after all the momentum that the Temple had built up and the constant influx of new members, this issue promised to be the biggest and the best yet.  The legendary John Freeman was coming onboard, as was some likeable chap named Neill Cameron.  The future was all bright and shiny and happy times were to be had by all, oh yes indeed!

Except Issue 18 completely failed to materialise.  Several months passed, many a frenzied phone conversation was had, and attempts to contact the new Central Mailer (responsible for putting the issues together and sending them out by mail) failed.

True to his Superhero heritage, the Temple's founder Kyle Kimmons travelled several hundred miles across the country, rounded up a small possy of angry Scotsmen (Darren Taylor) and raided the Central Mailers house in an SAS fashion.  After wrestling the contributor's pages from the CM's cold, dead fingers, they compiled the issue in record time and sent it out as fast as they possibly could.

Sadly the damage was already done, and after that issue the membership began to dwindle and the Temple never really recovered.  Still, if it hadn't been for Kyle and Darren's valiant efforts (and John Kirkham, who must've racked up one hell of a phone bill that month doing rumour control), the Temple would've been 55 issues shorter.  Cheers, chaps!  May your collective beards and moustaches never tarnish!

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